April 6, 2021


Angel Castellanos, (Castayanos) (www.AngelsTravelLounge.com) is a passionate world traveler, freelance travel writer, content producer and nationally recognized speaker dedicated to helping people travel smart, well and often. Traveling to over 80 countries on 5 continents (and counting), Angel travels 12-14 weeks internationally each year and draws on his experience and frequent travels to teach “Smart Travel” and equip travelers with the skills they need to make travel easy and enjoyable. Angel is a multi-media travel personality and travel expert that has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Fox News, CBS, ABC, Univision, Frommers Radio, USA Today & Travel & Adventure Show and New York Times Travel Show.  Angel is also the executive producer and host of the travel and adventure tv show Hot Spots debuting in Europe in Asia in late 2021.


My thoughts:

Going into my interview with Angel, I already knew that he was going to be pretty special.  I saw his instagram, his media presence, and realized the kind of value he provided for the travel community.  BUT… upon speaking to Angel, I found out even more.  For one, he’s a pretty amazing person with his view of the world. I suppose when you travel so extensively and so often, you are forever changed with every experience.  In my opinion, the quickest way to get connected with goodness of humanity is to travel, travel, travel.  And this is precisely what Angel does…

He shares the beginnings of his travel bug and how he got to where he is now, with a travel company, speaking around the world providing valuable tools for us – adventurers, nomads and explorers alike….
What did I take from this interview…. inspiration…to go and pursue whatever dream it is you want to pursue – Back it up with hard work – consistency and never giving up… and you’ve got yourself your dream life.

Thank you Angel for the inspiration and hope we get to bump into each other, neighbor!

Stay Wild,


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April 4, 2021



Taylor Wallace is a millennial thought leader, Business Strategy Consultant, Cognitive
Behavioral Therapist and founder of #thefitfounder global movement.
Since her exit from FYBS in April of 2018, she works in Strategy & Innovation Consulting for
Startups in the Emerging Tech Space & as well as an Executive Mindset Coach for clients from
San Francisco to Lisbon to Singapore. Taylor graduated from Amherst College in 2015 and
worked for 2 years in Boston’s corporate America before deciding to take the entrepreneurial
leap and follow her passions full time.
She moved to New York to join the evolving startup ecosystem, where she honed her product &
team as part of the Founders Accelerator program. Since then, she’s taken her passions on the
road, embracing a philosophy of work/life harmony as an international Digital Nomad. Taylor
and her works have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, General Assembly, SkyScanner
and she regularly collaborates with Cowork/Co-living startups, lady boss bloggers,
entrepreneurs, social innovators, and thought leaders from around the world.
Taylor’s mission is for every human to actualize their dreams of a lifestyle by design through
Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Self-Awareness, and Self Love.

My thoughts:

Taylor is one bad ass queen!  Her life is one to be admired… SURFING, MEDITATION, JOURNALING, EATING HEALTHY… She is incredible!  And I hope one day we’ll get to meet!  Just talking to her about her daily routines, I could just picture all of the beauty in her life.

My take away from meeting her was that she a person of authenticity.  She shared with me her triumphs and struggles, and it was refreshing to hear all of it.  A lot times people get interviewed and they only want to tell you the good stuff… They rarely want to share all of the hard stuff.  But she is someone who isn’t afraid to live her life honestly and that honesty shines through this interview.  She talks about the struggles of traveler’s depression and the ebbs and flows of life when you live nomadically paired of course, with the amazing freedoms and sites to see…. Life is a balance and hers is one of great, great adventure and beauty.

Thank you for sharing a piece of your colorful life with all of it’s ups and downs.  YOU ARE AMAZING TAYLOR!

Stay Wild,


March 31, 2021


@lukedamant has 680,000+ followers across all his social media… how did he do it?… #passion, #positivity and #determination – of course. At the age of 18, Luke decided to hop on a plane to travel the world indefinitely and soon, the world wanted to follow his journey. I did, too – so here we are. Thanks for the inspiration Luke aka the future travel @garyvee


Special Guest: Luke Damant

My thoughts:

I was introduced to Luke Damant by my friend Omar Mo – who was also a guest on this podcast.  PS Omar is another bad ass Digital Nomad who also has his own podcast, The Nomadic Executive.  I quickly learned that Luke was this incredible social media expert/traveler who produces content that really spoke to me.  Maybe it was because I tend to be attracted to the places he likes to travel to – you know, the off the beaten path, the “seemingly” harder to reach places in the world where YOUR world is completely turned upside down.  The very first video I saw of his was the video of him handing balloons to random people/children on the streets of India. You could see the confusion and happiness he brought.  This video wasn’t fully produced or fancy by any means… but what drew me to it was the actual content – the emotion in brought.

And then I went down a rabbit hole.. one video after another – I saw another video where a ghost wick in a firework blew up his hand during a festival in India.  He had to immediately go to a hospital and had to get his hand essentially put back together.  He documented the entire thing.  It was utterly heartbreaking, shocking and inspirational.  Why?  Because after 3 months of recovery, he returns to India in a heartfelt video where he thanks the doctor and the team that helped him put his hand back together.  His positivity shocked me and what was so fun in interviewing him, I really got to pick his heart and brain.  How does such a young man be so wise, know so much, exude so much love and positivity?  At such a young age, he exuded so much positivity and fearlessness.  There he was alone in a region in the world that many dare not to go to, proving to the world how utterly amazing those places were, and overcoming obstacles that many would struggle to recover from.

I felt connected to his positivity, to his hard work and authenticity.

Luke is now off on a trip to Pakistan – again, proving to the world that, that country is pretty incredible.   I am just looking forward to his journey and the growth he will continue to experience with every step he takes.


Thank you Luke!  Thank you for the inspiration!

Stay Wild,
Drea Castro

March 16, 2021


Have you ever dreamt of packing all your things, leaving everything of normalcy behind and permanently living abroad?  I know I have.  This has been a constant dream for me and in this episode, I got to hear the adventures of expat David McNeill.


My thoughts:

There has always been something inside me calling out for the wild, calling out for something not ordinary.  I have dreams of living abroad, perhaps as an expat or as a nomad who constantly craves the confusion of travel and change.  I loved hearing David’s journey.   He not only met his wife while traveling abroad but currently lives my dream of residing in a small beach town off the coast of Portugal.  That sounds pretty amazing to me.  What was so inspiring about his story is that he also had this calling that not many people seem to have.  Although, through this podcast, I have met my tribe which are  the same wild, wild hearts that is eager for the immersion of cultures and the need to understand more of the world.

David was an amazing and inspiring soul that continued to perpetuate that dream of mine to go somewhere out in the world and maybe just maybe live abroad.  His story makes me believe that that dream is completely attainable.


Stay Wild,



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March 8, 2021


Have you ever watched the show “Alone?”  Well, I have and I’m obsessed with this show.  One of my most favorite characters was Carleigh Fairchild.  Her journey on the show inspired me so much I contacted her.  I wanted more answers!  I needed to find out more about who she was, so I got her on my podcast.

Special Guest: Carleigh Fairchild


My thoughts:

When Carleigh agreed to be interviewed on my show, I was ecstatic.  I was so inspired by her already.  She said on the show , if I win this, I would be the first woman to win. That was when I decided that I was going to be a fan of her because she got the importance of that.  She understood the importance of being a powerful woman and proving we are strong and can stand up amongst the men on the show.   She right there became the person I cheered for that season.  I knew talking to her in person, I would end up learning more about who she was and what made her survive in the wilderness alone for 86 days.  And so I did….

And of course, she exceeded my expectations.  She is not only this bad ass woman who is a very experienced wilderness survivalist – Carleigh was down to earth – as down to earth as anyone could get.  Yes, she was on an amazing tv series, but working in the tv world has clearly made me very jaded.  She reminded me of the humanity that people radiate when they are connected with the land which is far the opposite in Hollywood.

I learned about her life, what brought her to love the wild, the surprising things she learned not only on the show, Alone, but also on her favorite thru hiking trails.  I also learned that she is a healer and talking to her, I immediately felt a sense of healing because of her essence.  When you talk to Carleigh, you feel a sense of ease and calm with so much wisdom.  Talking to Carleigh feels like you’re sitting at the beach enjoying a sunset…  It is beautiful. It feels like a breath of fresh air. You feel healed.  And you come back with a sense of clarity.

So grateful for our wonderful meeting Carleigh.  Thank you for sharing your inspirational life with me and the world.  You are a bright light!

Stay Wild,


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February 25, 2021


Special Guest: Julius Mayo Jr. AKA Droolius


In this episode, I talk to Julius Mayo Jr., another Filipino brother of mine.  Julius shares with us his food blogging journey and how he got to where he is now in the food world!  Before there was instagram, there was Droolius.


My Thoughts:

It was such a pleasure to meet Julius.  He is the first Filipino on the show and I was pretty excited about that.  I had been meeting a lot of Filipinos lately and it’s been such a wonderful experience.  It’s nice to realize that you are part of a community of like minded people!  One thing Julius and I had in common was our passion for food and specifically, our love for Filipino food came up quite a bit! I got to talk about our common love for our culture and our food!  Food is such a big part of Filipino culture – the lechon, the street food, the kwek-kwek, the fish ball.  All of the above was discussed!  And I loved every minute of it!

I learned a lot on this episode just about food blogging and the inspiration someone lie Julius had when starting his blog before the instagram internet craze!  His passion for helping others find these beautiful food cuisines really shines and I even got some tips of where to go!

My take away – That’s easy… I can’t wait for Julius to come visit me so we can have meals!

Stay Wild,



Show Notes:

  • Julius reads an excerpt where he discusses his thoughts on Philippine Cuisine


  • Drea introduces Julius Mayo Jr.


  • Julius talks about the excerpt in the beginning about traveling to the Philippines and exploring the country, and the local food!
  • He talks about some of the foods in the Philippines and the street food – The Kwek-kwek, lechon, etc and then going to Japan afterwards for Ramen
  • Discussing the Philippines and Coron
  • Julius shares his love for travel and find any excuse to travel – Especially for food


  • Julius shares what travel means to him
  • The decision when his food travel blog started before there was instagram or other social media platforms —-


  • Julius talks about the progressions of his food blog and how his career in food became a reality
  • Talking about creating this blog because of passion
  • Talking about social media and finding your passion, as opposed to focusing on fame and fortune


  • Julius talks about some of the challenges of having an over amount of content and finding the balance of backlog content


  •  Julius talks about his inspiration why he started to become a food blogger – Anthony Bourdain


  • Julius shares the most meaningful person he’s ever met – a man from Japan, Yoshi who took him under his wing for a ramen adventure


  • Julius shares the chef that changed the way her viewed food – The chefs at Kadence Orlando who have Filipino Chefs


  • Julius talks about his favorite places to eat in Los Angeles – Lasa
  • Drea and Julius also discuss LA TACOS
  • He also shares some of his favorite places in Los Angeles
  • Julius shares a day when he went to 10 different places to eat in one day in Los Angeles
  • Julius’ love for donuts


  • Drea asks Julius what his favorite dish and food experience – Carcar Market in Cebu in sampling all different types of Lechon


  • Julius shares his favorite restaurant – DEN


  • Julius shares his tips and tricks for aspiring food bloggers


  • Julius shares a piece of life advice he would give to a younger version of himself






February 18, 2021


Special Guest: Marquita Wright

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Once you have kids, you can’t travel anymore” or “Once you have kids, kiss your traveling days goodbye?” Well, Marquita Wright, mother of twin toddlers debunks that lie that has been told to many expecting parents. In this episode, we hear about the journey to traveling with infants to toddlers, and some handy advice to take with you when you attempt to do what many people think… is the impossible.

My thoughts:

Marquita Wright is my spirit animal.  One of the many fears I have in life is having kids and having other people outside of my husband dictate and influence the decisions I make in life especially when it comes to travel.  A lot of times, we run into the noise of other people’s insecurities or jealousy in the lack of life that they have led and we get caught up in their comparison game.  I haven’t led a traditional type of life at all, which makes some people envious, judgmental, insecure, fearful, etc – And then they project these thoughts on you about how YOU should live your life.  When it comes to the next chapter of my life, which I see being kids ad family, that fear creeps up.  You know, the fear that someone else’s life choices will be forced upon my existence and the existence of the kids that I want to raise.  In my perfect world, I see myself traveling with my children and having them experience life even at a young age.  Marquita said something interesting.  She said, people would judge her and say.. they don’t remember, why would you even bring them?  But she said… well, I remember- Don’t I count, too?  And she is right… Your personal identity and who you are before having kids of course, changes, but shouldn’t be altered so much that you forget who you are.   Again, another unsolicited opinion was placed upon her without asking for it.

Marquita calmed my fears – She is the person I would love to grow into.  The person who is fearless of other people’s judgements and moves past them by living the life she desires for herself and for her family, with a husband who fully supports her decisions.  I see my children in foreign, exotic places that most parents wouldn’t bring their kids because of fear. I want to live a life fearless with street smarts of course, and that’s why speaking to Marquita was invaluable.  This episode and her travel blog at www.marquitastravels.com shares some incredible tips that will help you achieve those family travel goals!    She inspired me.  She reaffirmed what my heart already told me which is the seemingly impossible is possible despite all of the noise that others want to place on you.

Thank you Marquita for the reminder that staying true to your wanderlust is important and even more so, passing that appreciation for travel, the lessons you learn from meeting people who don’t live your life, the invaluable experiences that only travel to completely foreign lands can gift -to your children —-  THE PASSING OF THE TRAVEL BATON TO YOUR KIDS IS a gift in life that no one can ever take away from them.

Thank you for the strength, the inspiration and the reminder

Stay Wild,
Drea Castro


Show Notes:


  • Marquita opens the episode with an excerpt she wrote about traveling


  • Introduction


  • Marquita talks about the excerpt in the beginning about traveling as a black family.  She speaks about the experience she had on a Delta flight as a black woman. 
  • Marquita and Drea discuss feeling racism 


  • Marquita discusses what travel means to her and what travel teaches her.  
  • The importance of travel to get through life


  • We talk about “The world is your Oyster” written on Marquitas #Clubhouse profile
  • Exploring the US outside of where Marquita lives which is New Orleans
  • Traveling within the US during the pandemic
  • Drea and Marquita share some of the places they have traveled this past pandemic year



  • Marquita discusses traveling with twins and why she believes it’s important to travel
  • She talks about traveling with her kids at 4 months and they have been on 25 trips at the age of two.  
  • She discusses how people are always willing to help


  • Marquita talks about traveling internationally with her children – Thailand, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Paris, and Puerto Rico
  • Marquita’s favorite place she’s traveled to with her kids was Thailand, so she talks about how she prepared for the trip and one of the challenges she had


  • Drea asks Marquita if she had any fears traveling with her kids


  • Marquita shares some of the challenges and the journey of taking the first trip with the kids
  • Strollers and finding the right travel stroller – GB pocket stroller


  • Marquita shares what’s in her bag on the plane and when traveling
  • Marquita also shares some great tips on how to travel with the kids
  •   The importance of snacks when they hit the toddler age – Packing their backpacks so they can carry their own things
  • She shares a few items/toys to bring when traveling


  • Marquita shares the most valuable thing she’s learned while traveling


  • Marquita shares her most fulfilling moment during her travels while she was in South Africa


  • Marquita shares the most meaningful person she’s met while traveling



  • Marquita’s advice on how to travel with children 
  • The importance of having your own memories of your children traveling and how it is as much of an experience for the parents to have their kids travel as much as it is for the children. 


  • Marquita’s favorite place she’s traveled is Chiang Mai in Thailand


  • Marquita prefers to travel to airbnb’s because of the space and the convenience of having a washer and dryer
  • Marquita shares some of her tips, tricks and food to eat in Chiang Mai


  • Marquita shares her one thing she definitely brings with her when she travels


  • Marquita shares a piece of life advice to a younger Marquita – The importance of being patient   


 Find Marquita




February 11, 2021



In this episode, I got to talk to Omar Mo – an incredibly fun soul that is traveling the world as a Digital Nomad.  He shares his story from a normal life of a regular job and living at home to buying a one way ticket to Nicaragua and living out of his suitcase.  He shares some of the life lessons he learns along the way and stories about his adventures on the road.

My Thoughts:

I loved meeting Omar.  A few weeks back, we did a pre interview to discuss what we would be talking about for the actual day that we would be shooting this podcast and immediately, I felt like Omar was an old friend that I’ve known for a while.  Our energies matched!  We laughed and laughed, and it was so wonderful getting the chance to speak to him for the actual podcast episode.  I think what I found most interesting are two things. 

1.  All of the lessons he learned along his journey – He learned Empathy, Responsibility (get health insurance), Fearlessness, Gratitude, Appreciation for his Family and so much more.  

2. He knew at a young age that he was meant for the road, which when I heard him say that – My heart sang.  It’s something that I’ve always felt.  I wasn’t meant to live a normal life.  I know I’m meant to live a lot of this life moving around and exploring the world.  It was nice to meet someone who also felt this affinity towards this lifestyle.


Speaking to him reaffirmed what I already knew deep down inside— I am definitely meant to live out of a suitcase, even if for most of the year.  Hearing the life that Omar was leading, it made me realize that the dream of mine is a very tangible thing.  It can happen.  It is possible and I know it will. 

Thank you for those reminders, Omar.  Much Love!

Stay Wild,


You can find Omar at:


Show Notes:


  • Omar Mo reads an excerpt of something he wrote


  • Drea shares Omar Mo bio


  • Omar tells us the reasoning behind the excerpt he wrote.


  • Omar explains what a Digital Nomad means

  • Omar tells us the transition into the Digital Nomad life and how he knew that he was destined not to have a normal life

  • He shares the story when he decided to book that one way ticket to his adventure to Nicaragua – He stayed traveling for 2 ½-3 years


  • Superficial Conversations and the experience of having a podcast



  • Omar talks about his “Why” behind his travels

Redefining Traveling – What it was, what it means now and how it is constantly changing


  • Drea asks Omar about the fears that he may have had

    • The fear of missing out on family and friends

    • Being nervous about a new place not knowing anyone

    • Growth vs Relationships and the balance


  • Omar and few challenges he faced

    • Australia and gaining weight due to drinking

    • Broken Bones and the importance of Travel insurance


  • Omar shares his most valuable thing he’s learned why he’s traveled


  • Omar shares his most meaningful person he met and the valuable things he learned

  • He shares a very personal story about learning empathy from a previous relationship and how it affected his entire outlook


  • Omar shares his most fulfilling moment in Sydney

  • He also reveals his favorite place in the world, Sydney


  • Omar shares his favorite places in Sydney


  • Omar shares his most dangerous situation he’s ever been while swimming


  • Omar shares some valuable tips to live a life as a Digital Nomad


  • Omar shares his goals and where he plans to do next


  • Omar shares the one thing he takes with him when he travels


  • This is the piece of life advice that Omar gives to his younger self



February 4, 2021


In this episode, record breaking speed hiker, Calendar Triple Crowner and author Jeff Garmire shares his love for the wild and his time in the wilderness during his epic 8000 mile hike completing the three of the most famous American thru-hikes – The Appalachian Trail (AT), The Continental Divide (CDT), and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in one year through all 4 seasons!  I got the pleasure to hear about where his passion for the thru hiking started, an encounter with a grizzly bear, and many more interesting stories along this epic adventure.



Before our interview, I started to read Jeff’s book “Free Outside” and right from page 1 of the introduction, I was hooked.  It made me even more excited to have the chance to pick his brain about his life and his love for the wild. It’s weird.  You talk to an extreme athlete like Jeff and he almost feels surreal.  Now I know Jeff isn’t some kind of Hiking God, but he kinda is.  To this date, only 10 people have completed the 4 season Calendar Triple Crown and that is insane.  It takes a lot of physical endurance but I think most of all (and Jeff can correct me if I’m wrong), emotional and mental endurance.  I’ve heard many thru hikers who’ve done the PCT and the AT share how hard it really is to keep going because it can get overwhelming. Yet, here’s this guy who does’t just have 2,650 of the PCT or the 2189 on the AT, etc… at the very beginning. Here’s a guy, who at the beginning of his journey was looking at 8000+ miles.  That is literally walking the length of the US from East to West and then turning around and going… let me do that again.  Jeff is a hiking god.

After our conversation, I was left with so much belief not only in Jeff but also myself… he definitely inspired me to believe in the boundless possibilities living in each and everyone of us. He reminded me of my own love for the wild and my own desires for the lack of everyday noise.  My heart sang as I heard all of these incredible tales and I just pictured myself enjoying every minute of that suffering, the fulfillment, the sadness, the happiness, and all of the emotions of what it feels like when you push yourself beyond what you thought you could do.  Thank you for that Jeff.  Thank you for the lessons.  Thank you for sharing you amazing life and journey with everyone.  It is much appreciated, my friend.

Find Jeff Garmire on






Show Notes:


  • Jeff Garmire reads an excerpt from his book “Free Outside”


  • Drea introduces Jeff Garmire and his impressive biography


  • Jeff talks about the excerpt he read which talks about crossing a cold, nearly frozen river in Maine swimming across naked during the winter season.
  • Jeff talks about stripping naked, using a dry bag to get across the river.


  • Jeff defines the meaning of thru-hiking


  • Jeff tells us what travel means to him.  He explains what he believes is the difference between a vacation and travel.


  • Drea asks Jeff if he goes on vacation.


  • Jeff and Drea discuss why they love traveling “uncomfortably”


  • Jeff tells us why he began this journey to backpack and thru hike the Triple Crown (The Appalachian Trail AKA the AT, The Continental Divide AKA the CDT, and the Pacific Crest Trail AKA the PCT in one calendar year.
  • He talks about the beginning of it all the progression to attempting the Triple Crown
  • He talks about meeting people who were doing the PCT when he was younger.
  • He took off Spring Term of college and decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  He talks about the lessons he learned during the PCT when he was a very novice. This became his obsession
  • He talks about the transition into attempting the Triple Crown – All of the “Stepping Stones” to get there.


  • Jeff elaborates on meeting those initial PCT hikers that introduced him into the world of thru hiking.
  • He talks about his perspective on how hungry they were.  He tells the story of watching one of the PCT hikers slab a ton of mayo.
  • Jeff now related to the PCT hikers he met when he was younger.  He talks about a time when he got kicked out of an All You Can Eat Buffet that he stopped at while he was trying to complete the Appalachian Trail.


  • Jeff talks about some of the fears of doing the Triple Crown


  • Jeff talks about getting charged by a Grizzly Bear. Jeff shortly after the near bear attack, encounters Mules he decided to become momentary friends with.


  • Jeff discusses some of the additional challenges he faced while on the trail.


  • Jeff tells a story about losing gear on the trail


  • Jeff used a tarp as a Shelter for much of the Appalachian Trail which some people due to decrease the weight.  The Appalachian Trail has shelters but many times they are filled up so it was a risk – He discusses that experience.
  • Jeff talks about switching to a tent because of the cold and also because of mosquitoes
  • Drea talks about her experience in Big Pine, CA and the attack of the mosquitos.


  • Jeff talks about the importance of DUCT TAPE!


  • Jeff talks about the 2 most valuable things he learned during his travels


  • Drea asks about Jeff’s mental endurance


  • Drea asks Jeff what his most fulfilling moment was during his treks


  • Jeff shares with us the most meaningful he met while he went traveling.  He talks about this man “Little Buddah” he met at 20 years old on the PCT that helped him on the trail. He fell in love with the community because on the trail, “people take care of one another.”


  • Jeff talks about the most valuable thing he learned – Flexibility and the balance of Rigidness.


  • Jeff shares his favorite hike or trail
  • Nolan’s 14


  • Tips and Tricks to do the Great Western Loop or the Nolan’s 14


  • Jeff shares the journey of writing a book from a blog to writing a book


  •  Jeff’s advice to a “jeff” out there who would like to do the PCT


  • Jeff shares some of the sacrifices he’s made to pursue his dream


  • Jeff shares his next goal – The Barkley Marathon


  • Jeff shares the one thing he takes with him when he travels


  • Jeff shares the one piece of advice he would share to a younger him.


Find Jeff Garmire on







February 3, 2021

Traveling during the Pandemic: How to stay safe when traveling & traveling tips – Salt Lake to the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone to Glacier NP Road Trip

After last year’s rollercoaster, we still can’t find an end to the pandemic and many traveling plans saw a sad fate before even starting. Canceled flights, blocked frontiers, and restricted parks did their fair share of sabotage to scare any potential adventurer away.  One of the most valuable things I have learned during the pandemic was the appreciation of our own backyards.  I live in the US, so yeah, our backyard is pretty huge and there is so much to explore.  I’ve done quite a bit of exploring but before covid, I never got to explore the incredible Wyoming, Idaho and Montana areas of this country.  And man, I am so glad and grateful for that opportunity this year.

Despite the pandemic’s refusal to die out, we still can find many ways to travel around and enjoy safely. So brace yourself because if you want to know how to stay safe when traveling, this is the right place.

As I traveled during the pandemic to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, I have a few traveling tips to stay safe while traveling cheaply. So let’s start our potential journey to the Glacier National park and Grand Tetons national park with traveling tips to fly safely.

How to stay safe while flying?

The most important traveling tips during the pandemic start with how to stay safe on an airplane. This is because the first step of our journey is taking a flight to enjoy National Parks like:

  • The Glacier National Park.
  • The Grand Tetons Park.

So you can book a cheap flight and be there the same day. For my travel, I picked Delta and spent only about $170 from LAX to Salt Lake City and from Spokane to LAX. I chose Delta for the obvious reasons – They have less people on the plane.  At this moment, as I’m writing this, Delta still does not book that middle seat on the plane which means less people, which also means, more room, less covid threats, etc… etc…. not to mention More room?! Did I say that already— yes, I did.  It was really nice.  Thank you Delta Airlines for trying to keep us safe.

The one way Car Rental was $846 without gas. This for a pick-up in Salt Lake and a drop-off in Spokane.  Kind of pricey but I didn’t want to do a roundtrip back to Salt Lake City.  I wanted to make it convenient to fly out of Spokane, Idaho.  You can certainly do the roundtrip which would cost cheaper both for flights and for car rentals, but you’re going to add a lot more mileage and perhaps less days exploring the parks.  These were major reasons for me as to why I chose to make it a one way trip!  Worth it, in my opinion.

Another thing to consider is the cost of the entrance fees to Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons.  It might be worth it to get the annual park pass at this point especially if you are passing through multiple parks.

For each park, the fee is $35 per vehicle/$30 for motorcycle

A NPS America the Beautiful Card which is valid for a whole year is $80

I’d say definitely get that Annual Card but y’all have to make your own decisions

That said, for our safe traveling tips you should:

  • Pick up a date that is one or two weeks before or after the “Good Seasons” to avoid the crowds.
  • Take your COVID test before and after your travel.
  • Try to book a flight that is not so popular.
  • Keep your distance as much as possible.
  • Keep on your mask.
  • Avoid touching anything unnecessary.
  • Clean your hands with sanitizer if you have to touch anything.

I know, I know. You are tired of hearing about safety measures. But do keep in mind that these can, and in many cases will, make the difference between a great experience and a fiasco.

First off, my favorite National Park was the Grand Tetons.  Why?  Because of the space!!! We went to the nearby Yellowstone NP but it was like Disneyland.  Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I actually spent a day and half in the park and rushed through it than initially planned because of the sheer amount of traffic and people.  If there was any place you could get Coronavirus, this is it.  So we ended up cutting the trip.

This is how our trip went:

Salt Lake City to Salt Lake (gotta touch the lake at least) to the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone to Glacier National Park to Spokane, Idaho

Today, we are going to highlight the two parks that were my favorites.

Grand Tetons National Park: Traveling Tips and best Hikes

Now if you are more into crystalline waters than snowy mountains, the Grand Tetons National Park is your best shot. With waters clear enough to mirror the mountains and the perfect rides in a kayak the Grand Tetons National Park will certainly keep you entertained.

Traveling Tips: Where to Stay

To enjoy the Grand Tetons National Park take into account that you may need to wake up quite early. I am talking about 4 to 5 AM only to grab a spot. We got one at Colter Bay and by 6 AM the line was HUGE.

Colter Bay Village has great showers, a store, and food places. Besides, it is also near the kayaking dock so I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Now, if you want Jenny Lake, you better stay overnight or prepare to go at 1 AM and wait out the ranger. This isn’t a joke.

Traveling Tips: Check our Favorite Hikes

Camping is not the only thing you can do at the Grand Tetons National Park. As I like hikes quite a bit, these two are my preferred ones:

Delta Lake: DIFFICULT BE PREPARED IT’S SLIPPERY – The Delta Lake Trail is a beautiful but strenuous hike.  You start the trail at Lupine Meadows.  TIP!  ARRIVE EARLY.  PARKING IS LIMITED and you might have to add an extra mile or so for parking if you don’t get there early enough.  The first part of this hike starts off on the main trail that goes to Ampitheater but then leads off to the right on a separate off trail.  This may be hard to find as there are tons of trails that go off to other locations so highly, highly suggest you download “ALL TRAILS” so you can see exactly which trail you need to take because I was definitely confused.  I managed to find someone who had the all trails app and we all went together.  That’s what’s nice about hiking, you end up meeting some incredible people.  When you turn off the trail, it quickly becomes less leveled and the trail descends and ascends a few times pretty quickly.  Then you reach a few rock fields that you have to scramble over.  This takes some time as it takes some route finding skills.  Again, asking other hikers where the trail always helps!

After several rock fields, the trail goes straight up!  BE CAREFUL.  This is very slippery.  A slipped a few times because the terrain is loose.  What’s scary about this trail is the last part of it because the terrain goes straight up.  At the top, we ran into a teenage girl with her dad who had sprained her leg at the top of this very loose and steep trail.  Please heed the warning and take your time.

The Stats:
Trail Difficulty Rating: Strenuous 
Trail Miles: 8.8 miles (out and back)
Trail Location: Lupine Meadows
Elevation Gain: 2,329 ft

String Lake to Leigh Lake:  EASY TRAIL BUT NOT BORING – If you feel like taking it easy, this hiking trail is your best choice. With less than 4 miles and an elevation that tops at about 50 feet, this walk is among the easiest in the Parks. However, easy does not mean boring as the hike still has wondrous views for you to discover.  Also, if you do go in the summer, taking a dip in these crystal waters isn’t a bad idea.

The Stats:

Trail Difficulty Rating: Very Easy  
Trail Miles: .9 miles
Trail Location: String Lake
Elevation Gain:  6 feet
Downside: The easier the trail, the more people.  Be prepared. However, the later you go in the afternoon, the less people I found in the farther areas and there was no one at Leigh Lake at all.



Glacier National Park: Traveling Tips and Favorite Hikes

Done with our safety traveling tips, let’s begin checking the first candidate for one fun yet worth it escapade. I am talking about nothing less than the Glacier National Park, standing proud just below Canada and featuring some of the most beautiful natural views.

Now, it is true that with the ongoing pandemic I found about half of the Glacier National Park closed. However! Do not get discouraged because I still enjoyed more than enough hikes to get tired in the open parts of the park.

Traveling Tips: Check beforehand the places to stay in Glacier National Park

While Glacier National Park is a beautiful place, full of great hikes and spots to camp, even with the pandemic you need to book your campsite in advance. Getting a good spot is usually hard enough but with the restricted areas, the amount of campsites is even more limited right now.

However, if you can’t get a spot in the park, there are still plenty of options in the neighboring areas.  We ended up at West Glacier Motel.

Traveling Tips: Best Hikes in Glacier National Park

Once you find a place to stay, the next step is picking up your hikes. In my experience, these two are if not the best, at least among the top ones.

Piegan Pass: I recommend this hike for young couples in search of a quiet place to enjoy some quality time. That is because, while the hike will take you through some beautiful landscapes, the hiking on itself is still somewhat demanding. Nevertheless, you can take it easy and enjoy the views at your leisure. Who knows? You may even find some company on your walk!

The Stats:

Trail Difficulty Rating: Strenuous
Trail Miles: 12.4 miles Approx. (out and back)
Trail Location: Siyeh Bend
Funny thing that happened on Piegen pass:
IT WAS REALLY, REALLY WINDY.  My hat almost flew off a few times at the actual pass area.  HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT if you have one because it will actually fly away. LOL!


Highline trail: With plenty of snowy peaks and gorgeous scenery, the Highline trail can take your breath away. A word of caution though, the hike elevation can also take your breath! So if you pick this trail you should brace yourself and prepare properly.

This hike is very popular so be prepared to wear your mask up until the pass, walking in single file, but once you get past the first pass, you will have less people next to you.  We weren’t able to do the entire thing because I actually hiked this trail with a broken metatarsal so we only went a little bit past the first pass. 15.2 miles for the loop was too much for a broken bone. However, I highly recommend even doing a short portion of this amazing hike if you can’t do the whole loop.  If you can handle the long 15.2 miles, I’d say go for it!  The views of the glacier are supposed to be amazing.  Precaution though, you need a ride to get to back to Logan pass if you do the whole loop so make sure you prepare for that.  During pre-covid, you were able to arrange to take the shuttle, but now you have to have another personal vehicle take you back up to Logan pass as you pop out at “The Loop”

Another good tip!  If you want parking, you better come real early.  There were only a few spots left at Logan pass at 6:30AM when we arrived.

Regardless of how far you take it, your reward? The perfect spot for a romantic picture and long-lasting memories.

The Stats:

Trail Difficulty Rating: VERY Strenuous
Trail Miles: 15.2 Miles (Loop)
Elevation Gain 1920
Highest Elevation: 7280 Feet

Stay in Touch for more Traveling Tips!

That’s it for today fellas, but if you want to know more about hikes like those in the Glacier National Park or Grand Tetons Park, do stay in touch. Because we are going to keep bringing more traveling tips and safe traveling tips during the pandemic.

Feel free to leave me your comments, ideas, and opinions or sharing this article with your friends. Till next time!

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