February 18, 2021


Special Guest: Marquita Wright

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Once you have kids, you can’t travel anymore” or “Once you have kids, kiss your traveling days goodbye?” Well, Marquita Wright, mother of twin toddlers debunks that lie that has been told to many expecting parents. In this episode, we hear about the journey to traveling with infants to toddlers, and some handy advice to take with you when you attempt to do what many people think… is the impossible.

My thoughts:

Marquita Wright is my spirit animal.  One of the many fears I have in life is having kids and having other people outside of my husband dictate and influence the decisions I make in life especially when it comes to travel.  A lot of times, we run into the noise of other people’s insecurities or jealousy in the lack of life that they have led and we get caught up in their comparison game.  I haven’t led a traditional type of life at all, which makes some people envious, judgmental, insecure, fearful, etc – And then they project these thoughts on you about how YOU should live your life.  When it comes to the next chapter of my life, which I see being kids ad family, that fear creeps up.  You know, the fear that someone else’s life choices will be forced upon my existence and the existence of the kids that I want to raise.  In my perfect world, I see myself traveling with my children and having them experience life even at a young age.  Marquita said something interesting.  She said, people would judge her and say.. they don’t remember, why would you even bring them?  But she said… well, I remember- Don’t I count, too?  And she is right… Your personal identity and who you are before having kids of course, changes, but shouldn’t be altered so much that you forget who you are.   Again, another unsolicited opinion was placed upon her without asking for it.

Marquita calmed my fears – She is the person I would love to grow into.  The person who is fearless of other people’s judgements and moves past them by living the life she desires for herself and for her family, with a husband who fully supports her decisions.  I see my children in foreign, exotic places that most parents wouldn’t bring their kids because of fear. I want to live a life fearless with street smarts of course, and that’s why speaking to Marquita was invaluable.  This episode and her travel blog at www.marquitastravels.com shares some incredible tips that will help you achieve those family travel goals!    She inspired me.  She reaffirmed what my heart already told me which is the seemingly impossible is possible despite all of the noise that others want to place on you.

Thank you Marquita for the reminder that staying true to your wanderlust is important and even more so, passing that appreciation for travel, the lessons you learn from meeting people who don’t live your life, the invaluable experiences that only travel to completely foreign lands can gift -to your children —-  THE PASSING OF THE TRAVEL BATON TO YOUR KIDS IS a gift in life that no one can ever take away from them.

Thank you for the strength, the inspiration and the reminder

Stay Wild,
Drea Castro


Show Notes:


  • Marquita opens the episode with an excerpt she wrote about traveling


  • Introduction


  • Marquita talks about the excerpt in the beginning about traveling as a black family.  She speaks about the experience she had on a Delta flight as a black woman. 
  • Marquita and Drea discuss feeling racism 


  • Marquita discusses what travel means to her and what travel teaches her.  
  • The importance of travel to get through life


  • We talk about “The world is your Oyster” written on Marquitas #Clubhouse profile
  • Exploring the US outside of where Marquita lives which is New Orleans
  • Traveling within the US during the pandemic
  • Drea and Marquita share some of the places they have traveled this past pandemic year



  • Marquita discusses traveling with twins and why she believes it’s important to travel
  • She talks about traveling with her kids at 4 months and they have been on 25 trips at the age of two.  
  • She discusses how people are always willing to help


  • Marquita talks about traveling internationally with her children – Thailand, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Paris, and Puerto Rico
  • Marquita’s favorite place she’s traveled to with her kids was Thailand, so she talks about how she prepared for the trip and one of the challenges she had


  • Drea asks Marquita if she had any fears traveling with her kids


  • Marquita shares some of the challenges and the journey of taking the first trip with the kids
  • Strollers and finding the right travel stroller – GB pocket stroller


  • Marquita shares what’s in her bag on the plane and when traveling
  • Marquita also shares some great tips on how to travel with the kids
  •   The importance of snacks when they hit the toddler age – Packing their backpacks so they can carry their own things
  • She shares a few items/toys to bring when traveling


  • Marquita shares the most valuable thing she’s learned while traveling


  • Marquita shares her most fulfilling moment during her travels while she was in South Africa


  • Marquita shares the most meaningful person she’s met while traveling



  • Marquita’s advice on how to travel with children 
  • The importance of having your own memories of your children traveling and how it is as much of an experience for the parents to have their kids travel as much as it is for the children. 


  • Marquita’s favorite place she’s traveled is Chiang Mai in Thailand


  • Marquita prefers to travel to airbnb’s because of the space and the convenience of having a washer and dryer
  • Marquita shares some of her tips, tricks and food to eat in Chiang Mai


  • Marquita shares her one thing she definitely brings with her when she travels


  • Marquita shares a piece of life advice to a younger Marquita – The importance of being patient   


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