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March 31, 2021


@lukedamant has 680,000+ followers across all his social media… how did he do it?… #passion, #positivity and #determination – of course. At the age of 18, Luke decided to hop on a plane to travel the world indefinitely and soon, the world wanted to follow his journey. I did, too – so here we are. Thanks for the inspiration Luke aka the future travel @garyvee


Special Guest: Luke Damant

My thoughts:

I was introduced to Luke Damant by my friend Omar Mo – who was also a guest on this podcast.  PS Omar is another bad ass Digital Nomad who also has his own podcast, The Nomadic Executive.  I quickly learned that Luke was this incredible social media expert/traveler who produces content that really spoke to me.  Maybe it was because I tend to be attracted to the places he likes to travel to – you know, the off the beaten path, the “seemingly” harder to reach places in the world where YOUR world is completely turned upside down.  The very first video I saw of his was the video of him handing balloons to random people/children on the streets of India. You could see the confusion and happiness he brought.  This video wasn’t fully produced or fancy by any means… but what drew me to it was the actual content – the emotion in brought.

And then I went down a rabbit hole.. one video after another – I saw another video where a ghost wick in a firework blew up his hand during a festival in India.  He had to immediately go to a hospital and had to get his hand essentially put back together.  He documented the entire thing.  It was utterly heartbreaking, shocking and inspirational.  Why?  Because after 3 months of recovery, he returns to India in a heartfelt video where he thanks the doctor and the team that helped him put his hand back together.  His positivity shocked me and what was so fun in interviewing him, I really got to pick his heart and brain.  How does such a young man be so wise, know so much, exude so much love and positivity?  At such a young age, he exuded so much positivity and fearlessness.  There he was alone in a region in the world that many dare not to go to, proving to the world how utterly amazing those places were, and overcoming obstacles that many would struggle to recover from.

I felt connected to his positivity, to his hard work and authenticity.

Luke is now off on a trip to Pakistan – again, proving to the world that, that country is pretty incredible.   I am just looking forward to his journey and the growth he will continue to experience with every step he takes.


Thank you Luke!  Thank you for the inspiration!

Stay Wild,
Drea Castro

March 16, 2021


Have you ever dreamt of packing all your things, leaving everything of normalcy behind and permanently living abroad?  I know I have.  This has been a constant dream for me and in this episode, I got to hear the adventures of expat David McNeill.


My thoughts:

There has always been something inside me calling out for the wild, calling out for something not ordinary.  I have dreams of living abroad, perhaps as an expat or as a nomad who constantly craves the confusion of travel and change.  I loved hearing David’s journey.   He not only met his wife while traveling abroad but currently lives my dream of residing in a small beach town off the coast of Portugal.  That sounds pretty amazing to me.  What was so inspiring about his story is that he also had this calling that not many people seem to have.  Although, through this podcast, I have met my tribe which are  the same wild, wild hearts that is eager for the immersion of cultures and the need to understand more of the world.

David was an amazing and inspiring soul that continued to perpetuate that dream of mine to go somewhere out in the world and maybe just maybe live abroad.  His story makes me believe that that dream is completely attainable.


Stay Wild,



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March 8, 2021


Have you ever watched the show “Alone?”  Well, I have and I’m obsessed with this show.  One of my most favorite characters was Carleigh Fairchild.  Her journey on the show inspired me so much I contacted her.  I wanted more answers!  I needed to find out more about who she was, so I got her on my podcast.

Special Guest: Carleigh Fairchild


My thoughts:

When Carleigh agreed to be interviewed on my show, I was ecstatic.  I was so inspired by her already.  She said on the show , if I win this, I would be the first woman to win. That was when I decided that I was going to be a fan of her because she got the importance of that.  She understood the importance of being a powerful woman and proving we are strong and can stand up amongst the men on the show.   She right there became the person I cheered for that season.  I knew talking to her in person, I would end up learning more about who she was and what made her survive in the wilderness alone for 86 days.  And so I did….

And of course, she exceeded my expectations.  She is not only this bad ass woman who is a very experienced wilderness survivalist – Carleigh was down to earth – as down to earth as anyone could get.  Yes, she was on an amazing tv series, but working in the tv world has clearly made me very jaded.  She reminded me of the humanity that people radiate when they are connected with the land which is far the opposite in Hollywood.

I learned about her life, what brought her to love the wild, the surprising things she learned not only on the show, Alone, but also on her favorite thru hiking trails.  I also learned that she is a healer and talking to her, I immediately felt a sense of healing because of her essence.  When you talk to Carleigh, you feel a sense of ease and calm with so much wisdom.  Talking to Carleigh feels like you’re sitting at the beach enjoying a sunset…  It is beautiful. It feels like a breath of fresh air. You feel healed.  And you come back with a sense of clarity.

So grateful for our wonderful meeting Carleigh.  Thank you for sharing your inspirational life with me and the world.  You are a bright light!

Stay Wild,


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