Special Guest:
Anastasia Gorelova

Anastasia Gorelova is a producer and journalist for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. She is also a creative producer working in an international media company in Prague. She has worked with Reuters and the BBC. She has covered events such as the Pussy Riot Trials, the World Cup, the Olympics, and the NATO summits to name a few. She has a passion for music and many of her travels has been inspired by covering music events throughout the world.

Show Notes

00:00 Intro to Anastasia and Short Excerpt that she wrote

1:02 Drea and Anastasia talk about how they met through AirBnb

2:00 Anastasia talks about the excerpt she wrote. It was taken in Alabama Hills days before Coronavirus really hit the world. In the midst of airlines closing flights, Anastasia was traveling through California to get to Lake Tahoe during a snow storm.

7:59 “Travel is Life” Anastasia explains her reasons why she is passionate about traveling

9:30 Anastasia loves traveling in nature. She loved traveling on the 395 in California past Death Valley and the Ancient Bristlecone Forest

13:58 Anastasia shares her preferred way of traveling, via camper van. Anastasia and her fiance went to Iceland and toured the country in a camper van. During their visit, they were able to catch the northern lights twice! She explains what it’s like to see the northern lights in person.

16:52 Anastasia’s next travel plan- going to Japan and traveling the country via Camper Van. She discusses the interesting roadside stops in Japan. Anastasia also shares that New Zealand is an easy place to travel in a Van because of their loose regulations on being able to park your van anywhere and sleep in it.

19:17 Anastasia’s favorite two countries in the world are New Zealand and Japan.

21:10 Tips about traveling to Japan from Anastasia. The advanced toilets in Japan are one of her favorties- The Toto Toilet Gallery.

24:25 Her advice for first time travelers to Japan is not cramming everything in one trip. Focus on a few specific things. She explains some tips and tricks on what to see, transportation tips.

26:15 Anastasia shares one of the best premium dining experiences she’s ever had in Japan and the world. She explains the art of sushi in Japan and the dedication it takes to become a sushi chef. She also explains the type of dining experience it is at this special restaurant, Kidoguchi in Omotesando Area in Japan.

31:45 Anastasia shares her tips for New Zealand – New Zealand makes amazing Flat White Coffee.

31:50 Anastasia shares her favorite places in New Zealand – Lake Taupo and Waiotapu

34:03 Anastasia shares why she began to travel. It all began with her parents sending her out to the South of France for educational purposes. It was here where she realized there was a new way of living. But music, and following the band, “30 second to Mars” began her love to follow music shows.

37:10 Anastasia talks about her life as a journalist and the truth about journalism

42:00 Journalism and Music – The Difficulties of finding paid work for the music industry

44:46 Interviewing Aurora, Bastille and other famous musicians

47:06 Anastasia’s tips on how to interview

479:27 Anastasia’s tips on how to Pitch for an article

50:52 Anastasia shares her most fulfilling moments as a journalist – Seeing her work on the BBC

53:16 Anastasia shares her most interesting person she has ever met during her travels. She also shares an interview she did with an athlete that changed her stereotypes of athletes.

56:25 Anastasia shares some advice to herself.

57:45 Anastasia shares her one item that she brings and purchases when she travels.

58:33 We can find Anastasia on instagram


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