November 17, 2020


Special Guest: Vitor Rodrigues

Vitor Rodrigues began taking photographs only three years ago and his photographs will stop you in your tracks. He has an obsession with photography and it shows in his work. He is avid traveler, backpacker and outdoor enthusiast. In this episode, he shares some of his tricks and tips, his camera & backpacking gear, and favorite locations.

My thoughts:

I have been in love with Vitor’s photographs for a while.  His expertise in photography is something to be admired.  I really enjoyed getting to finally see the face behind these epic photographs.  When I see another photographers work, I love geeking out to the gear they have and how they create their incredible images.  He shared some of this techniques.

He told me the reason why he wanted to get better at photography is because he wanted others to feel the way he did when he stood at those locations.  Well, Vitor, you have definitely accomplished said goals.  I only hope to aspire to be as good as you are in the world of landscape!


Show Notes:

00:00 Vitor reads an excerpt he’s written when he climbed Mt. Rainer

00:48 Drea introduces Vitor 

1:08 Vitor shares why he is passionate about travel. 

1:25 Vitor tells us how traveling runs in his family.

4:06 Vitor discusses his love for the outdoors and the beginning of his love for hiking 

5:30 The most challenging hike Vitor has ever done was up to Iceberg Lake in the Sierras but he shares his love for the exhaustion

6:46 Vitor shares his favorite tips and tricks for backpackers. He is a big advocate about planning and Vitor shares his techniques on how he does that. 

7:40 Vitor shares his favorite gear that he takes with him when he backpacks 

9:02 Vitor shares the kind of camera gear he brings with him on the trails and how he creates the types of photos he has

10:29 We talk about how Vitor got started taking his incredible photographs. He has only been doing it for 3 years and his instagram is amazing. 

12:03 Vitor’s biggest tip is shared right here. If you want to do what he does, he reveals his biggest secret on how he takes his stunning photographs

14:52 Vitor times his photographs according to the place. He doesn’t favor sunsets or sunrises, but favors how the location looks best in certain times of the day

12:52 Vitor’s favorite place that he has photographed

13:17 Vitor shares his love for photographs and how he approaches his photos with the intention of his edits. 

14:51 Vitor shares one of his first hikes as a novice hiker and the decision to climb Mt. Washington, the tallest peak in the east coast. 

17:08 Vitor shares his most fulfilling moment – the top of the mountain. 

17:30 Vitor talks about his favorite mountain he’s climbed – Temple Crag

19:33 Vitor has a love for Yosemite and he shares his first experience at his favorite park – Tunnel View

Viltor also shares the need to watch “Free Solo” the documentary with Alex Honnold, if you ever plan on going to Yosemite 

21:31 Tips and Tricks to travel Vitor’s favorite spot, Yosemite. He also shares the importance of picking up your trash

23:01 Drea and Vitor discuss the advantage of limiting the amount of people that can go into the park because of Covid restrictions and the beauty of winter in Yosemite to avoid the crowds. 

24:31 Vitor shares his next destination – North Carolina and the Smoky mountains. 

25:25 Vitor shares his one interesting item that he buys – a hoodie 

26:25 Vitor’s favorite hike – Mount St. Helens

29:05 Vitor Life Advice  

29:37 We can find Vitor on instagram on


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