October 27, 2020


Special Guest:
Charley Radcliffe

Charley Radcliffe

Charley Radcliffe grew up in London with a family who loved to travel frequently. But it wasn’t until he was in university, that he began having the urge to not just visit places, but explore them extensively. For Charley, that came through living somewhere and learning the language. He lived in San Sebastian, in the north of Spain for a few years before moving back to London. He then discovered CLIMBING & ALPINISM. Naturally, the love for the mountains and the lifestyle that comes along with it, brought him to Chamonix, France, a town on the foot of the French Alps. The mountains of Chamonix caught his heart and soul. Six years ago, Charley moved to Chamonix full time to continue to pursue his love for the outdoors and the climb.

My Thoughts:

The photos of Charley Radcliffe hanging off the side of a snow filled mountain range was so dreamy.  I couldn’t wait to speak to him!  When I say climbing, I usually mean trekking but Charley actually does “Real Climbing.” Meeting such an amazing athlete and getting to speak to him was such a privilege.  I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely, low key fan girl-ing inside.  That wild crazy soul of mine was yearning for the views he sees on a pretty much daily basis.  It’s not everyday, you get to meet someone with so much passion for what they do.  It’s not everyday, you get to sit down and talk to an athlete that is so impressive.  So if you’re reading this Charley – I can’t thank you enough.  Your adventures continue to be a visitor to my brain every. single. day.  In this episode, Charley shares with us some really helpful tips for those who want to follow his footsteps in chasing that true mountaineer dream.  SPOILER ALERT:  Charley shared his initial 2020 goal of climbing all 82 peaks in the Alps that were over 4000 meters (13,123 feet).  With a little disappointment in his voice, he said he’s only done 52 of them because of Coronavirus. Um, Charley, outside of the impressive climbing community of Chamonix, France – most people summit 1-2 peaks a year.  52!  FIFTY TWO PEAKS.  I couldn’t believe my ears. Charley Radcliffe is one badass athlete.  Charley has definitely inspired me to learn Alpine Climbing and I only hope to one day be able to climb one peak the way Charley scales them.

Stay Wild,

Show Notes:

00:00 Charley reads us an excerpt from March 26, 2020 – The beginning of Covid and how much he misses the climb.

00:50 Drea introduces Charley Radcliffe

1:35 Charley expands on his March 26, 2020 and strict 8 week lockdown in Chamonix, France. People could not go 1 km from home and 100 meters vertically which needed to be put in place to restrict climbers from going up into the mountains that tower above the town. Drea and Charley talk about how Coronavirus has affected the world.

8:25 Charley shares his love for travel, why he is passionate about it and how it has inspired him.

11:00 Charley shares his journey from London to living permanently in Chamonix, France the town right underneath the French Alps and why he moved to this adventure town

16:58 Charley explains the European style of climbing that he prefers to do – The single push. He also explains the advantages of doing the Single Push.

19:00 Charley shares his love for the outdoors and the the value of working hard for that “view”

22:04 Charley shares his goal to climb 82 peaks over 4000 meters (13123 feet). He has completed 52 because Coronavirus prevented him from climbing faster. He shares a rare winter climb in January above 4000 meters, watching the sunset and realizing that no one else was higher than them in all of Europe.

24:00 He expands more about his attempt to climb the 82 peaks

24:56 Charley shares his introduction into Alpinism and Mountain Climbing – Mt. Blanc

27:45 Charley shares his favorite peaks/climbs – The Matterhorn in 7 hours and 45 minutes

29:13 Charley shares the three types of fun in the outdoors

30:17 Charley shares an iconic climb with ice Axes and is very difficult.

34:08 Charley gives advice on how to find the perfect climbing partner

39:15 One of Charley’s most challenging climbs – The monte rosa massif and the linking up 13 out of the 18 peaks

46:22 South Face of Mount Blanc – Poor Quality Rock

48:32 Charley and compartmentalizing – boxing up your fears, learning from your mistakes, and re-evaluating

49:43 Charley shares some close calls – Gears, Crevasses, etc.

50:28 Charley shares how the mountains are falling down and the permafrost is melting. He is seeing Climate Change first hand in the french alps.

53:32 Charley shares how he prepares for his climbs

56:27 Charley shares his climbing heroes

57:49 Charley’s shares the amazing feeling of his climbing accomplishments

58:55 Charley shares his tips and tricks for someone who wants to climb and try alpinism

59:49 Charley shares his most meaningful person he has met on his travels/climbs

61:01 Charley shares his favorite climbs, The Matterhorn and Mount Blanc – Tips and Tricks to do those climbs

64:00 Charley shares his one thing he takes with him on his climbs – A happy snack

65:00 Charley shares a piece of advice for his younger self

66:00 Charley shares some advice on how to get sponsored as a climber and some his favorite brands that he has partnerships

67:00 Charley Radcliffe can be found on Instagram on


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