October 21, 2020


Special Guest: Tim Stroeks

Hiking the PCT – The Pacific Crest Trail

Tim Stroeks is an avid thru hiker, adventurer, and outdoorsman who currently resides in the Netherlands. He comes from a family of travel enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, climbing and cycling. This wanderlust that runs through his blood, has been a prevalent theme throughout his life. Tim has cycled Southern Sweden, completed the coast to coast walk in England, hiked the King’s Trail in the Arctic Circle, Finished the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, the W trek in Patagonia, to name a few. And finally, in 2019, his long-desired dream to hike the Pacific Crest Trail was fulfilled…

My thoughts:

The Pacific Crest Trail is a dream for many hikers out there, but the difficulty of this trail and the length of time it requires prevents many from conquering it.  It is a long thru hike that goes from Mexico to Canada.  The total mileage for PCT is 2,650 miles and it usually takes anywhere from 5-6 months of time.  With such a small window of hiking, a hiker needs to be able to complete an average of 20-30 miles a day of hiking in order to complete the trail and not deal with weather issues.   With this being said, I have such a fascination for those who attempt to complete this trail and my goal was to search the internet for someone with an interesting story.  That’s when I met Tim Stroeks.  Tim shared with me his PCT hike in 2019, which for any of you don’t know this, 2019 was a high snow year in the Sierra mountains of California. This proved to be very challenging for most hikers.  Tim shares some helpful tips and tricks on how to conquer this behemoth of a hike.  Just like most people I’ve ever spoken to who have attempted this trail, it is their favorite hiking experience.  This 5-6 month journey definitely changes your perspective on many things, I’m sure.  Hope you all enjoy this very informative episode!

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Show Notes

0:00 Tim Stroek’s reads from one of his instagram entries when he climbed the Sierras during his Pacific Crest Trail thru hike in 2019.

1:07 Who is Tim Stroeks? Drea shares his extensive adventure bio with us

2:31 25 years old and 32 countries. Tim shares his love for travel and where he found this passion.

4:41 How did Drea find Tim Stroeks? Instagram!

5:17 Tim shares how much he loves to rough it and how he likes to

8:08 Tim gets his love for travel from his parents and family. He started traveling adventurously very young and that love for the outdoors has stayed with him as an adult

8:17 Tim shares with us his favorite trails and why he chose these trails.

Spoiler Alert – the PCT

8:41 The King’s Trail in Sweden – The Arctic Circle and camping under the midnight sun – Tim shares with us some an experience with the locals that give you rides across the many lakes on this trail.

10:35 Tim shares with us what a TRAIL ANGEL is on the PCT – The volunteers who provide their time, food, rides and supplies for hikers along the PCT

14:01 What is the PCT – Tim explains what the Pacific Crest Trail – The whole hike is 2650 but changes from year to year. Tim shares the changes that happens in PCT that may increase the mileage

16:14 Tim shares his Mt Whitney detour off of his PCT hike, the craziness of mountain weather, and what it’s like to stand on top of it.

20:41 Drea asks Tim the average mileage of a PCT hiker, the importance of keeping up your mileage to meet your window of hiking, and he shares his highest mileage count – 40!

23:41 Tim discusses the excerpt at the very beginning

28:35 Tim has always challenged himself and the PCT pushed his boundaries. This is what drove him to attempt this trail.

30:51 Drea asks Tim how he prepared for the long journey on the PCT – Permits, Getting a Visa as a foreigner, organizing the gear that works for you, the importance of planning and also not planning, delivering packages to resupply.

38:05 Talking to other hikers to figure out a plan, where to send packages, and planning on the actual trail.

39:20 Tim used a very helpful app – Guthooks, that aided in helping plan where to resupply! Very important

40:42 Tim shares with us some of his fears in hiking the PCT. Tim was really afraid of failing and also getting injured early in the hike.

42:19 Tim tell us why he was unable to complete the PCT. He was only 150 miles short from the Canadian border.

44:37 The dangers on the PCT include some animals – Here is Tim and his rattlesnake story, a Black Bear and her cubs and a mountain lion!

46:50 Tim shares the challenges of crossing the Sierras during the high snow season – Having to break trail, The Snow Bridges, then the Higher River Crossings, etc.

48:20 Meeting people in the Sierras and starting a “Tram”ily

50:00 How you get your Trail Name? Tim was called Davey Jones and he shares the story behind it.

53:08 Tim shares his most fulfilling moment – Conquering the Sierras during a high snow year

54:43 Tim shares his Tips and Tricks for anyone who wants to attempt to do the PCT – Do not over prepare, do not get overwhelmed about how far you have to – take it day by day.

57:28 Tim’s BEST DAY was when his friend visited him from the Netherlands

59:45 Tim’s WORST DAY – The day he had to get off the trail.

61:01 Tim’s most meaningful person he met on the trail

63:00 Tim’s Advice to himself – “Stand still and look at what you’ve done already”

64:00 Where is Tim going to next – The List of the countries he plans on doing

65:00 Follow him on instagram on

www.instagram/timstroeks and he has a blog that he has started with his daily journal on his PCT hike on www.Strookyblogs.com

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