SPECIAL GUEST: Carsten Coles

New Zealander Carsten Coles has lived and worked across the world before settling in Sheffield, where he lectures in English and publishes travel mag Run Wild. The magazine was inspired by a course featuring talks by editors of Delayed Gratification and Cereal. ‘That was when I knew I really wanted to do my own magazine,’ he says. When asked to describe his magazine in three words, Carseten described it as “Travel. Adventure. And Environmentalism. This was an excerpt from a Magculture interview with Carsten.


Intro: Carsten shares his journey to climb a 12 pitch route to La Taillante (3,185m). 

1:09 Drea introduces Carsten Coles

1:57 Carsten continues to share his journey on this route. It was his third rock climb up real rocks up a 200 meter cliff

3:15 Carsten started an Adventure Travel Based Magazine called RUN WILD. He shares why he created RUN WILD and what their mission is. 

4:15 Carsten shares his inspiration in starting RUN WILD, his love for paper and dreams of being a writer

7:45 Carsten started the magazine in March 2019 and what it looks like

  to begin a travel magazine. 

9:05 The importance of following your dreams no matter how big they are.  

9:53 Carsten shares the many challenges in starting a travel magazine. Learning to do everything from soup to nuts. 

11:26 Carsten shares the most fulfilling moments in starting the magazine, one of which is hiring female writers. 

14:00 Carsten shares some tips & tricks to start a magazine.  

15:45 Carsten shares the number of countries he had been to and his favorite places he’s been to which is Columbia and Svalbard. 

Carsten shares with us some Tips & Tricks of Svalbard is the Backpacker’s version of Antarctica.  

20:23 Columbia Tips & Tricks. (i.e. how to find a cheaper tour, etc)

22:34 More Tips & Tricks for Svalbard 

24:57 Carsten shares what travel means to him and why he’s passionate about it. Carsten tells us his favorite way to travel. 

30:07 Carsten shares the way he likes to travel – Camping & Backpacking

31:16 Carsten just loved traveling and it started when he was young. 

37:08 Carsten shares his 8 pitch climb in the Dolomites with his friend

39:03 Carsten shares with us his most interesting travel story in Greenland when he went hiking around the country. 

43:00 Carsten shares his exciting experiences in maneuvering in Beijing, China. 

45:38 Chatting with inuit reindeer Hunters in Greenland, discussing climate change in the areas, and how it is effecting their food supply

47:47 Carsten shares his favorite item that he brings on his adventurous trips – a Garmin Satellite Communicator. 

51:52 Carsten believes in no regrets in life so his advice to himself is to take more risks, don’t get tied up with a job. Think about the life you want, and earn enough money to have that life.  

52:29 Carsten’s favorite trails – The O in Patagonia & The Dusky Trail in New Zealand. He shares in detail about his love for these trails, and a few tips and tricks. 

56:04 Carsten’s next plan – Hamburg and the issue with flights and covid and the Scottish Highlands!

57:58 Carsten and his work can be found on www.RUNWILDMAGAZINE.COM and on IG at www.instagram.com/RUNWILDMAG

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