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Special Guest: Alexys Carter

Alexys is a 27-year-old Los Angeles native who’s gotten really good at traveling on a budget, loves going outside of her comfort zone to experience new cultures, & says “yes” to any new type of food abroad
Within a 6 year period she had ventured to 50 countries, while going to school and then later working full time. She started her instagram page and blog because she wanted to provide honest destination tips to show just how affordable travel can be, and help others to spend less time behind the computer screen trip-planning and more time out exploring.” 

Show Notes:

00:00 Alexys begins our episode with reading an excerpt she wrote about traveling to Havana, Cuba. 

:40 Drea introduces the show and tells us about Alexys, a young traveler who enjoys exploring on a budget.  

1:31 Drea asks about budget traveling to Havana and Alexys shares with us in further detail the Havana, Cuba trip she started the episode. It was originally supposed to be a 3 day domestic trip somewhere  but after finding cheap flights to Cuba, it quickly became a 5 day trip to Havana.  

2:41 Drea asks Alexys when she booked it and how she prepared for this trip 

4:13 This was Alexy’s first true budget trip. 

5:30 Drea asks Alexy’s budget to go to Havana, Cuba.  She breaks down her flight costs, food costs, and Mojito costs.  

6:24 Drea talks about her Cuba trip in February 2020 before Coronavirus hit.  It was a last minute trip.  Both Alexys and Drea provides some tips on the visa situation

9:15 Alexys Shares how she prepared for the trip to Cuba and the “Supporting for the Cuban people” 

13:04 Alexys shares some of her activities that she did in Cuba.  She talks about the convertible tour and her tour guide Alan. 

15:19 Talking about Cuba and exchanging money

17:23 Alexys talks about the Charles Schwab Debit card, which is one of her favorite travel tips. 

20:30 Drea asks Alexys why she started traveling and how she started traveling to 50 countries. Alexys talks about how much travel runs in her family and how her mom really influenced her adventurous spirit. She believes travel really has brought her closer with her mom.

23:57 Alexys shares what travel means to her – and finding your Right Travel Buddies

29:48 Alexys shares her most dangerous travel stories when she was drugged in Budapest during a pub crawl.  She goes on a rough 24 hour period journey around Budapest. 

35:33 She shared her most exciting experience which happened on her trip to Havana when she met Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. 

37:46 Alexys talks about the importance of Budget Traveling and how she got started

38:51 Alexys shares her favorite places she’s traveled to and she talks about Thailand.  She speaks about street food in Thailand and all the flavorful dishes the country has to offer. 

42:55 Alexys shares some tricks and tips about traveling to Thailand

44:40 Buy the Local Bug Spray – Top Tip from Drea and Alexys!

45:49 Alexys shares her most fulfilling moment in Oktoberfest in Germany meeting the local college students.   

48:20 She also shares another fulfilling moment in Cinque Terre, Italy

50:00 Alexys talks about how to budget travel

53:39 Alexys talks about what she purchases when she goes abroad

Alexys has an impressive wall full of beautiful artistic pieces and crafts from around the world. 

55:05 Alexys shares a piece of life advice to herself which is “Stay at Hostels more” She talks about meeting amazing people at hostels.  She even met a singer at a hostel in Portugal who was incredible.  

58:01 Find Alexys on www.instagram.com/travelexys and her blog on https://travelexys.com/

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